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New York providing grants to boost zombie property law compliance

Why The Cops Won't Help You When You're Getting Stabbed NY Zombie Home Registry.. TITLE OF BILL: An act establishing the "New York state abandoned property neighborhood relief act of 2014"; and to amend the real property actions and proceedings law, in relation to the duty of the mortgagee or its loan servicing agent to maintain property.

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The zombie property provisions were included as Part Q of Chapter 73. Although the zombie property legislation does not have an official title, it is commonly being referred to as New York’s 2016 zombie property and Foreclosure prevention legislation (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"). The Act becomes effective December 20, 2016 ,

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These grants are a continuation of the 2016 Zombie Remediation and Prevention Initiative created by the Office of the New York Attorney General, which provided nearly $13 million in grants to 76 New York municipalities. This year’s grant will allow previous recipients to continue their previous work, or will give first-time grantees the opportunity to secure funding to support their zombie and vacant property efforts.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York is now holding companies accountable for so-called "zombie properties." The law goes into effect Tuesday. According to the law, banks and mortgage services.

NYCOM Analysis of Newly Enacted . Zombie Property and Foreclosure Prevention Law. One of the most significant reforms passed during the 2016 New York State Legislative session was included in Chapter 73 of the Laws of 2016 . 1. Signed into law on June 23, 2016, this omnibus legislation includes

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New York State is providing additional funding to municipalities that will boost efforts regarding mortgage servicer compliance with the state.

September 27, 2017. New York launches education initiative and Issues Additional Guidance Regarding "Zombie Property" Obligations. Tom Quinn. As we have previously reported in earlier editions of Hudson Cook Insights, New York has adopted sweeping changes to its Real Property and Procedures Law and accompanying regulations that address, among other things, the inspection, securing, and.